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Coaxial Cables

You are here: Home -> Products -> Coaxial Cable -> Coaxial Cables is the manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Coaxial Cables, factory located in Taiwan. During the past years, we supply all over the world clients products with high quality products with reasonable prices. Both custom order and normal orders are available. We have a proven nucleus of professionals which makes us highly qualified to provide trading services to the highest standards. We have our roll of a team of well experienced and qualified professionals, capable to handle any requirements of the clients. If you want to know more,please feel free to contact us.
Coaxial Cables

Coaxial Cables
Norminal central conductor dia.: 0.64CU+/-0.01 mm
Norminal insulation dia.: 3.70SPE+/-0.10 mm
Norminal jacket dia.: 6.1+/-0.2 mm
Norminal capacitance: 100+/-3 pF/m
Norminal impedance: 75+/-3 ohm
Velocity of propagation:66%
Return loss≥20db
Insulation resistance(20 ºc)≥5000 MΩ • km
Dielectric strength (conductor to shield)≥1.9 kV
Attenuation tested at 68 ºF(20 ºC)
Tested at length: 100m

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Coaxial Cables

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