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RG58 Cables

You are here: Home -> Products -> Copper Cable -> RG58 Cables specialize in the design and manufacturing of a wide range of RG58 Cables to meet the demands of the international market, the entire production process is conducted under rigid quality control measures, beside of our normal products, OEM projects are welcome.
RG58 Cables

RG58 Cables
Norminal central conductor dia.: 19*0.18cu+/-0.005mm
Norminal insulation dia.: 2.95SPE+/-0.10 mm
Norminal jacket dia.: 4.95+/-0.10 mm
Norminal capacitance: 100+/-3 pF/m
Norminal impedance: 50+/-3 ohm
Velocity of propagation: 66%
Return loss≥20db
Dielectric strength (conductor to shield)≥1.0 kV
Attenuation tested at 68 ºF(20 ºC)
Tested at length: 100m

RG58 cable with 50 ohm rg58 cable
1. Suitable for TV, CATV,radio communication.
2. Customized specifications are available.
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RG58 Cables

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