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RG58 Coax Cable

You are here: Home -> Products -> Cable Assemblies -> RG58 Coax Cable is recognized as a world class manufacturer,supplier and provider of RG58 Coax Cable. As one of the most experienced manufacturers in the business. We always supply our customers with lowest-failure-rate, fast lead-time,cost -effectiveness, and best after-sales service. We have been established trade relation with many countries around the world, our company has employed a professional and growing team for research and development. to our capability of logic design, OEM/ ODM are mostly welcome. We are acknowledged by the best service to its customers, by good quality, reasonable price and prompt delivery.
RG58 Coax Cable

RG58 Coax Cable
Norminal central conductor dia.: 1.02cu+/-0.005 mm
Norminal insulation dia.: 2.9SPE+/-0.05 mm
Norminal jacket dia.: 5.0+/-0.10 mm
Norminal capacitance: 100+/-3 pF/m
Norminal impedance: 50+/-3 ohm
Velocity of propagation: 66%
Return loss≥20db
Dielectric strength (conductor to shield)≥1.0 kV
Attenuation tested at 68 ºF(20 ºC)
Tested at length: 100m

Standard TV Communication Cable Coaxial Cable RG58
1. High quality and low price.
3. OEM is available.
4. Packaging Detail:    
Inner Packing: Wooden reel, wooden drum, plastic drum.
Outer Packing: Wooden Drum, Carton Box, Pull Out Box.
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RG58 Coax Cable

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