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SFP Copper Cable

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SFP  Copper Cable

SFP Copper Cable
SFP+ Copper Twinax cables are suitable for very short distances and offer a highly cost-effective way to connect within racks and across adjacent racks. SFP+ cables offers a low cost SFP+ solution. SFP+ directly attached twinax cable assemblies supports 10 Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Fiber Channel, and other industry standards.
 Compatible with: Cisco, Arista, HP, Juniper, Extreme, Allied Telesis, Foundry, Force10, Alcatel-Lucent...and more
  • Supports 10GBASE Ethernet 
  • Provides flexibility of interface choice 
  • Supports "pay-as-you-populate" model 
  • Supports digital optical monitoring capability 
  • Supports the Cisco quality identification (ID) feature that enables a Cisco switch to identify whether the module is certified
  • Optical interoperability with 10GBASE XENPAK, 10GBASE X2, and 10GBASE XFP interfaces on the same link
SFP+ active 
0.5m~7m:    30AWG
7m~10m :    28AWG
10m~15m :  24AWG

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SFP Copper Cable

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