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TV Coaxial Cable

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Our products are popular in manufacture, supply and export all walks of life in Taiwan. Thanks to the powerful distribution network and skillful employers, our TV Coaxial Cable products have best quality and the most competitive price. Please feel free to contact us.
TV Coaxial Cable

TV Coaxial Cable
Norminal central conductor dia.: 1.02CCS+/-0.01 mm
Norminal insulation dia.: 4.57FPE+/-0.10 mm
Norminal jacket dia.: 6.86+/-0.20 mm
Norminal capacitance: 50+/-3 pf/m
Norminal impedance: 75+/-3 ohm
Messenger: 1.13+/-0.01 mm
Velocity of propagation: 85%
Return loss≥20db
Insulation resistance(20 ºc)≥5000 MΩ • km
Dielectric strength (conductor to shield)≥1.6kv
Attenuation tested at 68 ºF(20 ºC)
Tested at length: 100m

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TV Coaxial Cable

available in various dimensions, these can be customized as per the specific requirements of our clients. Further, we test these stringently before being supplied to clients. Our products are in accordance with well defined industrial standards and available at reasonable rates.